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Annonce Medias had launch its new segment of the outdoor advertising market “Vehicle Wrap” in kathmandu Valley. Buying and creating advertising in any media is a time-intensive process reflecting hours of transactions between buyers, sellers, and creative agents. Advertising market is rapidly spreading day by day and all of us need to follow in the similar track to meet own destiny by joining trusted hands collectively and comprehensively. The core objective is to aid in understanding the measurement and effectiveness of passenger vehicles wrapped in advertising. Vehicle wraps can reach people when they least expect it and their minds are more open. The fact that a person uses a brand is likely to create awareness of the campaign as a result of the known psychological phenomenon of Selective Perception.

A Vehicle Wrap is the most highly effective solution to drive brand awareness, sales, and growth in your business. Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of trucks, a vehicle wrap is the most cost effective and influential advertising method available .Compared to advertising on TV, Newspaper, or Radio, investing in a Vehicle Wrap is the least expensive alternative, costing you less than one dollar per one thousand impressions it creates. We will be proud to work with our motto “The ultimate solution of advertisement” empowering with the view of “Promoting your business is our business”.

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