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Welcome to Brilliant Window Cleaning

Windows are the primary source of natural light in the home. If your windows are clean, the natural light that comes into your home is clean light too! Your home will look bright and fresh. The colours of your furniture, floors and walls will look their best in natural light.

If your windows are dirty, your home will usually look dirty and dark as well on the interior, Carpets, furniture, walls all are affected by the quality of the natural light that enters through your glass windows and sliding doors. In the winter months, you can liven up and warm up your home by getting yours windows brilliantly transparent, and letting in the warmth of natural sunlight into your living spaces.


Experience Team

Brilliant is a trusted and highly experienced to solve whatever problem you have and make sure you’re left with a solution that will last.

Quality Results

The quality of our work is exceptional because our team is well-trained and we are intentional and detailed in our process.

Safety Conscious

We are fully registered and insured. we adhere to all relevant safety and quality precautions.

Friendly Service

We believe a firm handshake and a big smile go along way. We pride ourselves on the service we provide and it really shows.


Our Services

Domestic Window Cleaning

Our Residental or Domestic Window Cleaners will have your windows shining in a short time! It is often only after our windows are cleaned that we notice how dirty they were. You will enjoy the view, and it will give your home a nice and fresh look. It makes sense beacuse windows let light in which illuminates the entire house!

Strata Window Cleaning

We use high reach window cleaning equipment which is perfect for strata blocks of apartments of up to five stories. An advantage of using Cherry Pickers and Elevating Work platform is that we get up close to every window and will deliver an excellent clean, the same quality as if your windows were on the ground floor