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Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne

More resistant, more reliable, stronger, meaner and leaner – designed to operate even better than original hardwood floors, engineered timber flooring is the stallion in flooring. Crystal Clear Floor Services presents to its Melbourne clients the finest collection of engineered timber flooring solutions in Melbourne!

Our engineered timber flooring for our Melbourne clients gives enhanced value for money by being smarter and stronger than traditional hardwood flooring. It lasts longer, works better, feels smoother and looks more contemporary. With a complex design process, the final product you get will surely win you over and give you a pleasurable experience. Due to their enhanced capacity of resisting moisture absorption, they are ideal for uses in humid conditions, damp areas or varying climatic conditions such as basements, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

The process by which engineered timber flooring is manufactured is an environmentally friendly one, which generates a minimum amount of sawdust thus an increased utilization of wood with least amount of wastage. When you walk on your engineered timber flooring inside your Melbourne home, you will feel the strength of the floor beneath your feet and enjoy the sturdy foundation it provides for your living.

As a busy business in Melbourne especially one which caters to high foot traffic all day long, getting engineered timber flooring can be a relief. Being better resistant to wear and tear, you can reduce the amount of floor accidents by getting such a top quality flooring solution! Our flooring solutions provide smoother walking experience, stability and ease of movement. And you cannot deny the fact that our engineered timber flooring can create an excellent professional ambiance for your Melbourne business, making it look sophisticated and elegant. The aesthetic appeal created by our engineered timber flooring will help you in communicating to your customers that you are a business that pays close attention to quality!

An engineered wood floor is only good if it is internally strong which is why you must choose someone reliable to design and install you one. Crystal Clear Floor Services make sure that the inside of your engineered timber flooring is as strong as it looks from the outside. We follow the highest quality standards for building truly strong engineered timber flooring for our Melbourne clients!

Our engineered flooring solutions can be laid down on any surface and they will remain locked in place for many years to come, making them a reliable flooring option for you. If you have any questions or require any guidance, direct your queries to us and we will be more than happy to assist you! So give us a call at Crystal Clear Floor Services and get your very own engineered timber flooring for your home or business in Melbourne!