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Integrated Precision Viticulture is a key element in the future of viticulture. IPV the collective working of existing and new technologies with the aid of existing knowledge and skill base.

For IPV to work the key element is the day-to-day - hour-to-hour collection, analysing and execution of the information. Many growers can get so much more out of their existing information if combined with new data and technologies.

Zonal management is key outcome of spectral imaging - it allows growers & viticulturist to minimize inputs and reduce variability throughout the vineyard. Spectral Imaging is becoming part of vineyard management. From above ground to underground IPV has the tools to cover the fall spectrum.

With the integration of the Sentek Enviroscan to track and measure moisture and the Solusampler to analyse exactly what is available to the plant.

Gone are the days where you put a seeders on a tractor and just drove, with the aid of GIS software and GPS guidance you can now apply your cover crop to increase or decrease vigour in the vineyard. The same applies for mulching, pruning and fertilising.

Our services

» Spectral imaging
» EM38 soil sureveys
» installation of Sentek products


» GPS - Global Positioning System.
» DGPS - Differential GPS.
» RTKGPS - Real Time Kinematic GPS.
» DMSI - Digital Multi-Specteral Imagery.

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