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Welcome to Scaffmaster Pty Ltd

With over 20 years of experience in the business Scaffmaster offers a range of scaffolding services, labour Hire and Hoist to all the industries throughout sydney. We provide solutions for virtually any application which requires access, protection or support to new or existing customers. Our team at Scaffmaster provide builders, Councils, Schools, RMS and the general public with safe and efficient access solutions. We specialize in Heavy Duty Scaffolding Steel, Aluminum, Tube and Fit Scaffolding to cater to any site or event requirement.

When your project requires scaffolding, Scaffmaster has many flexible solutions to meet your needs whether its a new construction, maintenance, capital projects, outages or turnarounds. We have the perfect combination of highly skilled and professional teams for scaffold design, erection and dissmantle.

We use highest quality material and each of our product exceeds the rigorous technical and regulatory requirements. We provide routine maintenance on all our products to ensure the saftey and quality you are expecting.

What We Do

We are specialised in anything to do with scaffolding. If you need something simple or bespoke our team is always ready to help you. Over 20 years working with commercial and residential projects all over sydney we will ensure that the scaffolding with us is on time and within the budget.

We offer a complete service that begins with an onsite consultation to ensure that every requirement has been addressed through to a site inspection upon completion.

Heavy Duty Steel Scaffolding

This type suits

House Builders, Commercial Construction, Bricklayers, Hebel Installers and any other trades and projects that require work loads of up to 675kg.

Light Duty / Aluminum Scaffolding

This type suits

House Renovations, Painters, Gutter Installers, Roofers and Tight Access jobs that are both indoors and out.