We are paying 5 dollar kilo for almuniam cans Kings Scrap Metal Recycling and help save the environment. We are centrally located near the Ipswich highway in the 1317 Ipswich rd rocklea, in Brisbane. After dealing in scrap metal since many years ago, our team of friendly and highly trained staff are on hand to offer advice on all of metal recycling.


Kings Scrap Metal Recycling turn waste metal into new products, so we reduce the waste while lessening the demand on the environment to provide more raw materials. In the factory materials are all graded, sorted and then We put it in a good use.


Kings Scrap Metal Recycling our aim is to offer exceptional customer service, a wide range of benefits to our customers and help for the environment by creating a sustainable alternative to landfills. We understand our responsibility to future generations and the need for sound business practices.

With that goal in mind we have designed a system to make disposal of scrap metal easier for our customers, in the hope of convincing more people to use this valuable service. We cater for large and small loads and endeavour to make the process quick and easy.

For large loads we have a scale that makes the process simple and time efficient. You drive in and we weigh the entire vehicle and the contents, after the load is removed we weigh the vehicle again and calculate the value. For smaller loads we have a scale to weight where the scrap is sorted, graded and weighed.

We can provide a quote over the phone, on site or at your location. We also have scrap metal bins in a range of sizes that can be delivered to your site. For more information please call and we will discuss your needs and the best solution.

At Kings Scrap Metal Recycling we will help you find a more efficient and financially rewarding method of disposing of your scrap metal.